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About Jeffrey


Jeffrey is a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. Last year he concluded his Active Duty service as a decorated Judge Advocate. His training and experiences as a Marine Corps Officer have instilled discipline, integrity, and the leadership skills needed to serve on the WaterOne board successfully.


A proud graduate of UMKC School of Law, Jeffrey is a vigiliant trial attorney. He has served the country and the community with his legal skills for many years. From serving as a legal advisor to installation generals while in the Marine Corps to prosecuting special victim cases, Jeffrey has the acumen and compassion to serve on the WaterOne board.


Jeffrey is running for his first county-wide elected position because he and his wife just had their first child. Jeffrey now understands the unconditional love of a parent. He wants to fight for his son and all the children of Johnson County, and the water district, to ensure they have clean water for their entire lifetime.

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WaterOne Service Area

WaterOne is the independent water utility company serving the Johnson County area.  

If you live in the WaterOne service area, then you can vote in this election on November 2, 2021

To learn more about WaterOne please send us a message. 


As a Marine Corps Veteran, prosecuting attorney, and new father, I am passionate about the success of our community.  I believe access to clean, affordable, and sustainable water is essential to that success. 

I'm running to serve on the WaterOne board so that my son, and all the children in the water district, will continue to enjoy clean water for their entire lifetime.


I promise to fight for sustainable practices in the sourcing and distribution of our water.   

I could really use your help! Please let us know if you are available to volunteer your time and please consider making a donation to our campaign.  And remember to vote on November 2, 2021. 


Jeffrey Mendoza

WaterOne Board Candidate